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The ten Highest-Grossing Animated Disney Films


It is no shock that Disney has a few of the highest-grossing animated photos of all time, regardless of having some competitors amongst different animation studios like DreamWorks and Illumination. Nonetheless, lots of the most profitable animated motion pictures launched by Disney are due to the studio proudly owning Pixar Animation Studios.

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A lot of Disney’s highest-grossing movies, from discovering nemo to The Incredibles 2, are from the gifted creators at Pixar. Nonetheless, Disney has additionally produced a few of the most profitable animated initiatives, such because the Frozen movies. Whether or not they’re from the creators of Disney or Pixar, Disney’s most profitable animated motion pictures have grossed a whole lot of hundreds of thousands to over a billion {dollars}.

10 Discovering Nemo Is A Trendy Traditional

Grossed: $940 Million

discovering nemo is a touching and heartwarming film that was created by Pixar Animated Studios however launched by Disney. On the flip of the century when animated movies had been very a lot aimed toward youngsters, discovering nemo was one of many first animated motion pictures that equally appealed to youngsters and adults.

Regardless of being about clownfish, discovering nemo was some of the emotional Pixar motion pictures ever. It is no shock that discovering nemowhich was concerning the bonds of affection and overcoming fears, grossed almost 940 million {dollars} worldwide.

9 The Lion King Is One Of The Most Beloved Disney Classics

Grossed: $968.5 Million

The Lion King is likely one of the most iconic Disney motion pictures of all time. The film is liked by many for its distinctive storyline and gifted voice forged. It additionally has a few of the greatest songs ever in Disney, together with the “Circle of Life,” which was composed by Elton John and written by Tim Rice.

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Although the remake in 2019 grossed significantly greater than the unique, many viewers nonetheless assume that 1994’s The Lion King was extra magical than the remake. All through the years, this basic has grossed over $968 million, making it some of the profitable animated Disney movies not produced by Pixar.

8 Zootopia Offered Animated Films Might Nonetheless Be Main Hits

Grossed: $1.024 Billion

zootopia is one other animated hit that was produced by Disney slightly than by the distinctive animators at Pixar Animation. The film adopted a budding cop named Judy Hopps, and it was praised for its distinctive premise and its lack of a romantic plot or subplot.

Though discovering dory grossed way over zootopia The identical yr, this hit animation proved that Disney did not should depend on producing sequels for its different profitable movies to generate profits. zootopia is likely one of the greatest Disney motion pictures about speaking animals, grossing over $1 billion.

7 Discovering Dory Was A Lengthy-Awaited Sequel

Grossed: $1.03 Billion

discovering dory got here out 13 years after discovering nemo, making it one of many longest-awaited animated sequels. Although many followers won’t have anticipated that discovering nemo would name for one more installment, it was no shock that Disney would take the prospect to capitalize on some of the entertaining animated characters.

Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, Dory is likely one of the best-written feminine characters in a Pixar film. The sequel adopted Dory as she traveled via the ocean in quest of her mother and father, and it was deemed a worthy Disney sequel.

6 Toy Story 3 Was The First Animated Film To Gross Over A Billion

Grossed: $1.067 Billion

toy story is likely one of the most beloved franchises in Disney Pixar’s assortment. After the primary two installments had been such successes, it made excellent sense that Disney would proceed so as to add to the franchise. toy Story 3 completely concluded the storyline and gave followers a passable ending.

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After watching the primary two motion pictures as youngsters, followers of the franchise felt linked to Andy in toy Story 3 as he went off to school as a result of they might have additionally been coming into their younger maturity. A heartfelt conclusion to Andy’s storyline seemingly performed an element in why this third film grossed over a billion {dollars} worldwide.

5 Toy Story 4 Was A Outcome Of The Success Of The Earlier Sequel

Grossed: $1.073 Billion

Though toy Story 3 was an inexpensive conclusion to this beloved franchise, the success of the earlier movies led to toy story 4. As he is now not Andy’s favourite toy, Woody goes on an inspiring journey of self-discovery to search out his place on the planet.

toy story 4 is likely one of the greatest animated Disney motion pictures of the 2010s, bringing viewers’ favourite toys again with a recent plot and a brand new perspective now that they’re owned by another person. Although it is arduous to determine which toy story movie is the perfect within the bunch, this fourth installment actually made probably the most cash for Disney, grossing a number of million greater than the earlier movie.

4 The Incredibles 2 Lastly Concluded The Cliffhanger From The First

Grossed: $1.24 Billion

The Incredibles was a profitable film for Disney Pixar, grossing $631 million worldwide. Nonetheless, The Incredibles 2 was a long-awaited sequel, and this anticipation helped it to gross over $1.2 billion worldwide. On the finish of the unique movie, a brand new villain emerged, leaving the viewers on a cliffhanger.

Nonetheless, these viewers needed to wait 14 years earlier than they bought to see their favourite animated superhero household again in motion. The Incredibles 2 is one among Pixar’s most profitable motion pictures to this point, making it seemingly the franchise will obtain one other sequel sooner or later.

3 Frozen Rebuilt Disney’s Animated Status

Grossed: $1.28 Billion

Lots of the profitable animated motion pictures launched by Disney are by Pixar. The Disney Animation Studio has struggled to compete with greater names even whereas proudly owning Pixar, with different animation studios like DreamWorks nonetheless pushing out some nice initiatives. Nonetheless, Disney solidified its nice repute with the 2013 launch of Frozen.

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Frozen is likely one of the hottest animated motion pictures of all time, and it grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide. Although the movie did not move The Incredibles 2 by a lot, there isn’t any denying that the Ice Queen’s story revolutionized animation. Frozen succeeded with its distinctive story of familial love and its engrossing characters.

2 Frozen II Constructed Off The Success Of The Authentic

Grossed: $1.45 Billion

With the astounding success of Frozenit was solely a matter of time earlier than Disney launched Frozen II. Frozen was a long-awaited undertaking, because the creators labored on the storyline reportedly as early because the Thirties earlier than the film was lastly launched in 2013.

Many followers argue that the unique was far superior to the sequel, however Frozen II grossed almost $20 million greater than the primary movie. Whereas that does not essentially imply the sequel was a greater story than the primary, it did affirm that Frozen would proceed to be some of the well-liked Disney franchises for a while.

one The Lion King Remake Was Really Animated

Grossed: $1.66 Billion

Though Disney promoted the 2019 remake of The Lion King As “live-action,” the film is created utilizing CGI, making it animated. Contemplating all of the characters within the movie are animals, it could have been almost unimaginable to truly produce a live-action model.

Regardless of the controversy concerning the remake missing the vibrancy and emotional attraction of the unique 1994 basic, The Lion King remake is the highest-grossing animated Disney film to this point. Nonetheless, there isn’t any doubt that the recognition of the basic is what drove this model to be as profitable because it was, as 2019’s The Lion King earned Disney over $1.6 billion.

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